Countdown of the 10 best movies in 2011

Getting a consensus on the best movies of the year is like voting for the best color of the year. You’re likely to get diverse views based on personal movie genre preferences, favorite actor(s), visual effects, or even the story line. So, with the help of the CapitalFM team and a nifty high-tech anonymous survey, came up with the top 10 movies and series we have watched this year. Here are the first 5.

Stay tuned for the top 5 movies and series tomorrow!

10. Fast and Furious 5 / Fast Five

The list will not be complete without a car chase movie, and with the absence of The Transporter, we think Fast and Furious can rep this genre quite well. Walker and Vin Diesel know their cars. Throw in Dwayne Johnson, and what we get is a high-octane guy-movie. Fast Five did quite well compared to 2, 3 and 4. Maybe its time the producers thought of a TV series based on the Fast and Furious.

9. Rise of the Planet Apes

After watching Rise of the Planet Apes, it will be hard to look at apes the same way. Rise of the Planet Apes is one of those sci-fi movies that can border on plausible situations. The CGI effect on the apes is brilliantly done, making them appear quite real. In spite of the slow start, the movie comes to life a bit later. What ensues is the ultimate human-wildlife conflict.

8. Rango

The only animation making it to the top 10 list, Rango beat out other popular choices such as Rio and Kung Fu Panda 2. Johnny Depp has found his animation character in Rango – a chameleon with an identity crisis whose alter-ego pushes him to become the mayor of a beleaguered dusty town. We would definitely watch Rango 2, if it came out some time in the so-not distant future.

7. Hangover 2

The bachelor party goes awfully wrong, again. Only this time it was meant to be a laid-back bachelor breakfast in Thailand. Stu, Doug, Phil and Alan have to retrace their steps to figure out what happened after roasting mushrooms by the ocean. What follows is a repeat of Las Vegas, only nastier and more depraved. If the creators of Hangover decide to do another sequel, the age rating will have to change. The dark humor can only go so far.

6. Pirates of the Caribbean: On stranger tides

Jack Sparrow (there should be Captain somewhere) picks up from where he left off in his search for the elusive fountain of youth. Love him or hate him, Captain Sparrow is the reason most people continue to enjoy the Pirates of the Caribbean, eight years after the first release. Johnny Depp has become too intertwined with Jack Sparrow. Fans rank other Depp’s performances based on the Pirate’s character. Watch The Tourist and you may just agree. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer rarely disappoints, but it will take something special to continue with the Pirates of the Caribbean series. Okay, maybe one last one.

Do you agree or disagree with our choices? Let us know what you think!

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