3 pieces to keep for 2012

As we wrap up 2011, fashionistas are already preparing their wardrobes for the fashion trends of 2012. Rather than wasting all your money on new purchases, here are three key pieces that you should keep in your wardrobe to serve you in the Spring!

Wide leg pant

Wide-legged pants can transition into the Spring season very well especially if they’re made in lightweight fabrics or even denim. Brighten up dark-coloured pants by pairing light colour tops for the warmer seasons.

Tuxedo jacket

Every woman needs a well-fitted jacket that slims the body perfectly. Opt for the tuxedo jacket instead of regular blazers for more of a unique style. The tuxedo jacket works wonderfully well with both pants and skirts!

High slit dress

A little peek-a-boo is always a nice surprise in any old tired outfit. Accentuate and lengthen your legs with high slits. Word of caution, don’t overexpose yourself or else you’ll seem tacky and cheap. If you’re revealing a bit of skin on your leg, be conservative elsewhere such as your arms and neckline.

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