Kenya’s first ebook launched

(VICTORIA RUBADIRI) A local motivational speaker and coach launches Kenya’s first ebook to attract tech-savvy and bookworm urbanites. Titled Gibebe, the book is based on Joyce Mbaya’s unique life experiences from personal to professional all championing a ‘can do’ spirit. “Gibebe is a brand and a framework that I have already been teaching before I released the book. It’s based on three pillars of success; imagine, believe, become. Taking that message and putting it out in the book lays out the entire idea of how you can be the best you can be,” Mbaya says.
Though Joyce was careful not to spill the beans on the book, she did reveal one part that she says is her favorite and molded her to be the woman she is today.

“My grandfather left me such a powerful legacy. There’s a very deep story about how I got started on my journey to be this person I am, this achiever who goes out and does all these things, it started with a conversation with my grandfather when I was 17. I actually cried when I wrote that part of the book.”

Other experiences Mbaya shares in the book include her time on Apprentice Africa in 2008 as the youngest contestant on the show at 25, which she says gave her that big experience to put in the book and make it a fun read.
Mbaya, who has dedicated herself to inspiring others to live to their full potential, started her coaching classes based on the Gibebe concept after launching her company in 2010.

“We have a coaching program launched last year called awakening potential as a three-month program and got a very big response in the market. We got to the point where we tailored it for corporates,” she says.
However, don’t be so quick to call Mbaya a life coach, in fact the former Safaricom employee will be the first to set the record straight when it comes to defining who she is.

“I call myself a visionary and an innovator and a speaker. People do call me a coach, and if they call me a coach then leave it at coach; not life coach not business coach,” she says.
The decision to launch Gibebe in digital form, Mbaya admits, was tough to make as it went against the grain of what most local authors do to get their work out in the market.

“I thought ‘why do what everyone else has done?’ Someone needs to just challenge the publishing industry and just do something different and I’m a techie. This was a very bold innovative step for me.”
The 12 chapter digital journey is available on Amazon Kindle and selling in retail stores locally, with the hardcopy expected in 2012.

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