It’s a short story

Shorts are all the rage right now being December and all. It’s been too hot of late so how better to handle the heat with a pair of cute shorts. Shorts are the ideal vacation wear, so if you are planning on going on vacation, it is best to stock up on these lovelies.
There are all sorts of shorts to suit your taste and style. But mainly, for those with toned legs, shorts can be your wardrobe staple and you can always have fun playing dress up.

The good thing about shorts is that they have been designed for every occasion. You can wear shorts during the day as casual wear, you can dress up your shorts for a night out. There are even shorts for office wear that give you a laid back look. It just depends on the cut and the style of the shorts.

Stylish shorts come in all sorts of colors, prints and detail.

For those who don’t have toned legs stockings/leggings can help hide the “blemishes”. Stockings/leggings will also help you tone down your look (not show too much leg if you are not too comfortable exposing them).

Short shorts, are good for the beach and depending on the fabric… you will even find those that are good for just lounging at home and those that are best for working out.

All in all, shorts are so comfortable and absolutely everyone can wear them. Whether you are petite, curvy, straight, or have a boyish figure shorts will work for you.

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