Wall Art: A dash of pizzazz and personality

Wall art is the finishing touch that every room needs. This is how you add your personality to the room as well as some drama! Here you can experiment and be as creative as possible and it doesn’t have to remain the same all your life. Wall art can evolve to reflect your own growth and changes as a person. The best part is that you can play with color, size and placement to get the ideal look for your home. The wall art you select can be used to create the ambiance you want including joy, warmth, peace and even crazy as well as eclectic.

Wall hangings and Wall art come in many forms from modern art, batiks, tapestries, photographs and more. A wall collage made from family pictures is a great way to display your family photos. Art prints are also a fabulous option. A great idea is to arrange a collection of prints in an artistic way on the walls. Metal art is quickly becoming all the rage in interior décor. Great designs in silver, brass, black or pewter can make a bold statement about our taste. And don’t think that everything must be in a frame. You can have your art unframed for a more dramatic effect.

Experiment with various materials including wood and ceramics. Work with different shapes including round, square, oval, rectangular and more. Break the rules and mix traditional and modern themes. Try traditional art mixed in with modern furniture and don’t be afraid to visit your local flea market for great pieces.

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