Juliani premieres video exclusively on G+

(Ken Macharia) Juliani has launched his Exponential Potential music video on Google plus platform, making him one of the few artistes using technology to reach fans.

“I am excited to launch my video first online and specifically on G+. I believe in the power of technology and the internet as it makes the world one flat place where l can share and interact with all my fans all over the world. That is why this video will be online before it is offline. I hope there will be sharing of the video from my G+ profile and loads of feedback from my fans,” said Juliani.

“Following my music video release today, l will be traveling with 5 superfans to Mombasa for my Pulpit kwa street album launch on December 24th. I will be posting behind the scenes footage of the road trip and staying in touch with my fans through my G+ profile. It is going to be once in a lifetime opportunity to hang out with me,” added the artiste.

Google plus was launched to the public slightly over three months ago but has rapidly grown to over 40 million users, with 5 billion page impressions, according to ComScore.

“The G+ project is yet another platform for Google to give its users an avenue to share and interact in a unique and seamless way,” said Amanda Gicharu, Google Product Manager. ”We are thrilled to partner with Juliani and will endeavor to create more new and innovative ways for artists to interact with their fans online,” she added.

One Google+ feature that is quite cool is the hangouts – a face-to-face video chat that can accommodate group chats/discussions with friends and colleagues. Hangouts is intuitive in that the video display shifts from one person to another, syncing visual and audio.

Recently, the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu used the feature to hang out after the South African Government denied visa to Dalai Lama to visit the country.

With Google+, users have the freedom of sharing content with different groups of people using the Circles feature, depending on the kind of relationship. It can be family members, colleagues, friends or acquaintances. You can create as many groups as you wish, and your connections will not know which circle you have put them in.

The business community has also embraced Google plus pages. Over 1 million websites, including the Capital Website, have added the +1 button. The button directs your website visitors to your Google plus page and add it to their circles. This helps your fans or readers get regular updates of your activity on their live stream.

To help business owners, the G+ pages can be integrated with Google analytics to help monitor traffic on your page. You can also see how your content is shared using the Ripples feature.

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