Heading down to the Coast?

The Coast is always on most people’s minds when December comes. Whether it’s Malindi, Lamu, Mombasa, Zanzibar etc it is always all about the fun, the sun and the sand. With all that in mind, we can’t forget about looks as there are going to be photo sessions galore!Those photos should remind you of the fun times at the beach with your peeps hence…you better look awesome in those pics then. Right?
The Coast demands that you wear very light clothes. There are some things you want to avoid like the color black which despite making the sun hit you double, it is just not heat friendly.
While packing your bags ready to hit the Coast, you need to know that:

Linens are a must!

Linen is light and comfy to wear. It is the ideal fabric to wear at the beach. Just stock up on these lovelies and you will not regret.

Remember also that espadrilles and flip flops are the ideal footwear at the coast.

Colors to wear at the beach this year

This year bright colors have been huge. These are the very colors you need to bring with you to the coast. I’m talking about the mustard yellows, the reds and the oranges. It doesn’t matter whether you will look too bright that everyone will need shades, for sure your pics at the beach will be bright and fun and clear.
Don’t wear plain black, if it is the only thing you’ve got, then let it have at least some happy prints here and there.

Kaftans are necessary

Kaftans (kanzu) are really necessary at the beach for keeping excess sun from hitting your skin. You don’t want to expose too much skin to the sun giving you sun burns all over and maybe end up looking like patch work when you get back home from the holidays. Kaftans are lovely as they are light and let your body feel the oceanic breeze easily.

When it comes to swim wear

It is a crime to go to the coast and not test the salty ocean waters. Swimming is just unavoidable.So since you will be out there looking for fun, you have to look fun. Wear happy colors and the trends that hit hard this year like the animal print. Keep it bright and beautiful.

You can’t forget your beach accessories

Carry your nautical pieces with you. Sunglasses are mandatory and the straw hats…well, they help spare your forehead from all the sun and make you look chic while at it.

Looking chic and yummy, at the beach will definitely boost your mood in general. You can imagine someone complementing you on how fabulous you look next to the water. One last thing though, do not forget to pack your sunscreen 😉

Enjoy your Holidays and keep your look ocean-tastic!

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