Could Angel Gabriel be a jang’o?

The Village Christmas this year is kinda posh actually, with the bearer of glad tidings introducing himself to Mary’s mother as Gabriel; Angel, Gabriel right before whipping out his iPad.

Rather than Jesus Himself, the focus of this year’s love story is placed on just how the pronouncement of Jesus’ coming is filled with miracles and how for love of Him and each other, Mary and Joseph saw their destinies completely shifted, but took it in stride.

Written by Mugambi Nthiga, Tina Nduba and Yafesi Musoke, the age old bible story comes to life with much humour.

Elizabeth, Mary’s cousin is a self-styled Oprah of Judah and is looked up to by the women in the village.

Lizzie, as she refers to herself in the show is played by Christabel Mistri, who is undoubtedly the star of the 90-minute extravaganza. Her voice and accent fit perfectly in character, revealing what it might be for a cool old woman to have a baby.

Zachary (played by Yafesi) is quiet most of the time after being stunned to silence (Luke 1:16-23) but his expressions need no explaining and it’s just as well because Lizzie has a show to put on!

All the music in this play is original, composed by renowned musicians Kanjii Mbugua, Aaron Rimbui, Kaima Mwiti and Doris Mayoli in a perfectly put ensemble that inspires a desire to learn a new Christmas Carol!

According to a Village Christmas, Joseph was not a very strong guy. He was devastated to hear that Mary was with child of the Holy Spirit, creating their first ever dome(stic). All his pals (including Makmende) had had their eye on Mary (Angela Mwandanda) and all her girlfriends thought the world of her, so you can imagine the scandal and disconcertion of news of a baby by the Spirit?

The musical that debuted at the Mavuno Dome in BelleVue, South C last Sunday (Dec 11) is on again this weekend (Dec 16,18) and the weekend after (Dec 23, 24). It is indeed value for money. Ticket prices are Sh800 for adults and Sh500 for children.

A Village Christmas Musical – The Love Story is brought to you by Kijiji Entertainment, and is based on a true story.

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