Ladies, here is your style-o-meter

Style is all about being comfortable in your own skin and loving the outcome. Sometimes we find ourselves liking a particular outfit that other people don’t understand but it turns out to be your fave outfit because you understand it. Looking good and feeling it is important hence we need to define our style so as to know exactly what we are because honey, you are what you wear.
To help sort out your style, check out the following items and categories that I put together to help you know exactly what you are.

1. Right now, tie-neck blouses are in vogue, which of the following do you see yourself wearing?

2. Every fashion forward woman needs to have a closet half full of dresses, which letter defines your style?

3. Pants are mandatory to have and are timeless. Choose your pair

4. Diamonds are forever and besides they are a girls bff. They can never let you down. So which pair are your eyes drawn to?

5. Every girl MUST own a Little Black Dress (LBD) Which letter contains the LBD’s you are likely to rock?

6. Skirts are so feminine. Despite helping you show off your girlie side, they show off your beautiful legs so choose the skirt you are likely to wear

7. Outerwear is what we always need in the evenings when there’s a breeze…but which of the following are you likely to wear on a random evening?

8. Your handbag is your everything. It helps you be self contained as you always need it everywhere you go…so, pick your handbag

9. To help define your style even further, pair the yellow dress with the shoes you’d wear it with

10. Every stylish woman has a fetish for something. Which category contains what you can never have enough of?

Here is your fate if you picked:

Mostly A’s
Your style is so diva-ish but in a good way. It means that you love you some quality stuff that money can buy. You don’t deny yourself the little pleasures because after all, looking good is mandatory right? You know what you love and hence you do everything big! Mediocre is not in your vocabulary.
You know you have an awesome body so why not show it off in the most amazing of creations. You don’t mind showing off those lovely curves so you go full on with the sheer tops and cut out dresses.
You don’t mind splurging on what you like and if you like it, you gotta have it! You are always the belle of the ball and with all your confidence you don’t mind people staring because you are certain that they are admiring and loving what they see. You love attention and it loves you right back.

Mostly B’s
You love to get your pretty on. While you love looking fashionable you wouldn’t break banks to do it. You love pretty things and you only splurge on safe colors. You love the browns, blacks, blues and greys because they are timeless and because you can wear them over and over again and also pinks and purples because they bring out the girl in you. Your love for pretty things makes you be into girlie accessories with bows and polka dots …basically girlie details. You absolutely love skirts and dresses and that is what occupies 90% of your wardrobe. You love to spruce up dull outfits with belts and are likely to make your own outfits because you understand detail and know what you like. You make adjustments to your own clothes and are likely to be a good fashion designer.

Mostly C’s
Your style is very subtle but oozes elegance. Your fashion sense has a certain je ne sais quoi to it .Showing off skin is not in you and you believe you can still feel and look sexy all covered up.
You also do everything in style. While some might find you a bit dull, others who understand your vibe are always in awe of how you manage to pull a fashionable outfit together every time. Your style oozes sophistication and only the sophisticated like you would understand.
You are so feminine and you love fine things that are still very simple. While your wardrobe isn’t overflowing with clothes and your shoe rack not overflowing with shoes, every piece in your wardrobe tells a story on its own. You know what you look good in and you are sure that you look respectably fabulous.

Mostly D’s
Stylish is what you are. You always know what is in as you go through the trouble to find out.
You could definitely make a good fashion blogger because you have exactly what it takes. If it is the color in season, the fabric that is in, the styles that are in…you know it all and you are always the first in the group to own whatever is in fashion.
You absolutely adore fashion and so fashion is you. You are not afraid of bold colors and you will wear any color as long as it is in fashion.
You know that fashion requires that you are in check head to toe, hence your make up, your hair, your shoes, mani- pedi and bags are always proper.

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