Wallet-friendly Christmas party ideas

Throwing a party for your friends and family over the Holidays? On a budget? Want to please everyone? Pulling off a delicious and fun party yet sticking to a tight budget, is definitely a difficult challenge.

It’s pointless to pour the most expensive wines of the world for your guests when they’re too busy having fun to appreciate. Leave the connoisseur-level bottles such as the French reds from Domaine de la Romanee-Conti, which a bottle can set you back on average a cool USD $10,000 for a dinner party amongst wine lovers.

For large parties with a varied level of wine-drinkers, break out the fresh, vibrant, fruity, balanced flavours, and affordable bottles.

Sangria: An elegant and affordable option
Choose easy to make cocktails like Sangria, which is a refreshing wine-based drink that’s simple and elegant enough for any occasion. Making a big pitcher of a tasty cocktail also is budget-friendly as the cocktail is a mixture of many ingredients, resulting in more value for your shilling. Not to mention, your guests will give you bonus points for creativity!

Themed parties
Themed parties are generally more pocket-friendlier than traditional parties where the host is the sole person who bears the costs of the festivities. Including your guests in the party festivities ensures that everyone has a part in the evening, and ultimately, the party theme will only be as successful as the guests make it to be.

Dessert Party – Make the desserts yourself or ask each guest to bring something sweet. Prepare a delicious pot of coffee and with a beautiful crackling fire in front of the Christmas tree as your backdrop, and you’ve got the perfect frugal get-together.

Fondue – Savoury or for dessert, fondues are not only engaging but delicious. Break out some pots, melt some cheese, and serve up chunks of meat and vegetables for your guests. For dessert, a dark chocolate and alcohol based sauce with a diverse range of fruits for dipping will certainly have your guests wanting more.

Potluck – Cheap, tasty and also gives a chance for everyone to show off their culinary skills. All you’ll have to provide are the drinks, cutlery, plates and some napkins!

Wine and Cheese Party – Wine culture is certainly growing in Nairobi, so why not organize your very own wine and cheese party? Have all your guests bring a bottle of wine and all you have to do is buy some artisan cheeses and there you have it!

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