Samsung launches portable PC in Kenya

(KEN MACHARIA) Samsung Electronics has introduced a lightweight, portable personal computer in Kenya. The Slate Series 7 PC offers all of the features of a full-sized laptop providing highly mobile users with the computing power they need for maximum productivity.

Samsung’s General Manager IT, Nandan Nair, said the Series 7 Slate is designed for on-the-go users who need a slim, lightweight computer but can’t afford to sacrifice true PC functionality.

“The Series 7 Slate is a truly revolutionary computer and we are proud to be the first country in Africa to launch this product,” said Nair

Users can quickly type using the on-screen keyboard and navigate through the slate’s features with the highly responsive bright multi-touch screen, or write naturally on the screen using an electromagnetic pen, making it easy to take meeting notes, create documents and reports in Microsoft Office 2010, or browse online.

The computer, which runs on Windows 7, weighs 900 grammes and measures only half an inch thick. Despite its compact size, the Slate is a full-powered PC with an 11.6-inch screen, powerful Intel Core i5 processor, a full version of Windows 7 Home Premium or Windows 7 Professional operating system and up to 128 GB solid state hard drive.

An integrated microphone and dual 2MP (front) / 3MP (rear) cameras can record audio/visual files, which can be stored and shared via the full-sized USB port or Wi-Fi, WiMAX and HSPA connection.

The Series 7 features Samsung’s exclusive Fast Start technology, which enables the slate to transition from a hybrid sleep mode to full functionality in two – three seconds, enabling users to quickly jump into work or play anywhere.

Launched in the US late September, the Slate retailed at a minimum of Sh90,000 depending on the Windows version and storage size.

Samsung’s touch interface helps to streamline your life by providing seamless access to applications used every day such as Facebook, Twitter, maps and media content.

An optional Bluetooth keyboard, docking station and mouse add further convenience and create a desktop PC experience for business users planning to settle in at a desk while traveling.

With up to seven hours of battery life, the Series 7 Slate ensures an all day connection for optimal productivity while on-the-go.

The inclusion of Samsung Power Plus technology means that the Series 7 Slate battery will retain 80 percent of the original battery capacity for up to 1,500 charges – giving users a battery that works whenever and wherever they need it, even after three years of use.

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