The Making of a Five Star Brandy

Italy is home to some of the best, world acclaimed brands; from motor vehicles to designer clothes and shoes, and now the best brandy the region has to offer. Richot Brandy.

Amber coloured, fuller bouquet, five-year matured, five-star brandy are just some ways of describing the new look, new tasting brandy recently launched to the market. Not only does it taste great, it looks good too. The rich brandy’s label now features rich gold and blue colours as well as a modern font.

“EABL has taken brandy appreciation a notch higher with the introduction of a premium, smoother Richot Brandy into the market. It may have taken a while to perfect the look and taste, but we are proud of the resultant product,” commented EABL Kenya Marketing Director Caroline Ndung’u.

Each time one takes a sip of Richot brandy, they partake of its rich heritage that begins from the spine of the Apennine Mountains, Italy, where fresh ripe grapes are selected from the fields. By Italian law, brandy is distilled from sound and wholesome wine and is then aged in oak casks. To ensure that the maturation process is on track, and that the resultant brandy is of the highest quality, a Master Vintner closely monitors the maturation process.

The New Richot undergoes a 5 year maturation process in oak casks by world acclaimed Bonollo Distillery, whose legacy dates back to 1918. The process represents the most advanced technology in the area of distillery in and out of Italy.

From three years to a five-year brandy, Richot has made a bold move to give consumers the best that the market has to offer, a trend that EABL takes prides in.

Appreciating Richot

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