Just A Band talks up Huff + Puff

Kenyan DIY house/funk/disco grouping Just A Band has just released their latest video, Huff + Puff.

Once again proving their futuristic frames of mind, the video features an innovative dance-off between fancy dressed contestants in a bit of a gangster scenario.

Band-member Daniel Muli tells Capital Lifestyle that the video is loosely fashioned on the movie A Crockwork Orange, and was shot in one of the many quarries lining the road to Athi River.

“I’d describe the song as electro-pop,” he added, speaking of the track that was featured in their sophomore album 82.

The fact that the video was released two years after the song shows that Just A Band’s main agenda is to celebrate creativity. This inadvertently gives room to other Kenyans burning with not-so-mainstream ideas.

“Our difference is not intended to but it is kinda what makes us stand out. On a personal level it has pushed us into areas that are more interesting creatively. People come up to us and they are interested to know that there is electronic music coming out of Kenya and with local influences.”

On Huff + Puff, the varied influences are well portrayed.

NB: In the scene where their hands were swinging from side to side, there is a guy who is going totally against the grain. It was not intentional.

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