Cheat that “muffin top” into inexistence

Picture a muffin. Do you want to eat it? Definitely! Do you want to look like it? Definitely…not!
A muffin top is what you are referred to as having when your waist is so flabby that it hangs on both sides of the waistline of your pants/skirt such that when you wear something that is so fitting to the waist, your waist bulges out on both sides hence you look just like a muffin spilling over its paper casing! See below.

Muffin tops are so unattractive. You don’t want to have one and you definitely don’t want anyone pointing out that you have one.
So, I have good and bad news:
Bad news is that getting rid of one requires that you physically work out. Dieting won’t make it go away. You have to really work out to get rid of it and it takes time before it disappears.The other alternative is getting liposuction done…which is so expensive!

Good news, is that you can cheat your way out of a muffin top by dressing it appropriately. This is fun and cheap to do.

1. Wear pants, skirts that are not too tight on the waist. Avoid fitting jeans or get a pair that is a size bigger at the waist. Jumpsuits and rompers that are not tight will also help minimize the muffin top.

2. Wear drawstring pants, skirts as these are more forgiving when it comes to pinching the waistline. Avoid the ones with the fitted bands.

3. Wear A-line dresses or dresses that are loose from the ribs downwards or with ruching as detail.

4. Wear loose, oversized tops that don’t cling to your waist or wear tops with the peplum effect

5. If you really love your jeans then you will have to invest in cute light jackets that can be worn in all kinds weather

6. Wear body-friendly fabrics like cotton and polyester as they will be forgiving to that problem area on your body.
There you go! Easy peasy nobody has to know that you have a muffin top and you can do it in style!

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