Nairobi celebrates Japanese Emperor’s Birthday

Japanese Emperor's Birthday in Nairobi, Kenya (PHOTO: Susan Wong Dec 1 2011)

The Japanese Emperor’s Birthday Reception was held at the Ambassador’s Residence in Nairobi, on Thursday.

Japanese Ambassador Takata and Minister Yamada received hundreds of guests from the diplomatic and corporate community in Kenya.

Celebrations include a traditional Japanese drum, Taiko, performance and also songs from Malaika, a Japanese chorus group.

Traditionally celebrated on December 23, the Emperor’s Birthday is a national holiday in the Japanese calendar.

Despite the Emperor’s lack of attendance at the early celebrations on his behalf in Nairobi; the distinct Japanese flavours, traditions and celebrations were observed.

Kimono in Nairobi, Kenya (PHOTO: Susan Wong Dec 1, 2011)

Kimono: Traditional Japanese wear
The well-attended and –dressed crowd also featured some ladies wearing traditional Japanese clothing, Kimono.

These stunning garments, intricately woven with beautiful shades of the rainbow, and usually hand –sewn and –decorated, are usually worn on special occasions.

Kimonos are made from a single bolt of fabric. As a result, each garment is ultimately unique as each bolt of fabric may vary from dye to texture.

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