Social Media pushes Redd’s to the next level

Redds launch at Tribe Hotel (Nairobi, Kenya) PHOTO Susan Wong Nov 23 2011

Wednesday saw Redd’s re-introduced into the Kenyan beverage market in its new bottled packaging. Nothing new per se, considering bottled Redd’s has been sold in many African markets for quite some time. However, despite the familiar bottled-packaging, Redd’s launch at the swanky Tribe Hotel in Nairobi was a formidable one, not because of the pyrotechnics, but because of the unprecedented involvement of social and digital media in their campaign.

Redd’s aggressive campaign under the “Redd’s Room” platform will see Kenyan beverage consumers interact with the brand on a virtual (online) or physicial space to socialize and share their daily experiences, fashion ideas, beauty tips amongst other things with other consumers in the “Redd’s Room.”

Poignantly planned and executed, Wednesday’s launch echoed the interactive “Redd’s Room” experience with guests walking through a physical wooden red doorway where drinks, bitings, music, massages, shoe-shining, a Kiko Romeo fashion show and singer Kevin Samuel awaited guests.

Redd’s, which is targeted at the modern, stylish, multifaceted woman has been synonymous with fashion through the years; and as seen with Kenyan fashion house Kiko Romeo’s involvement in the launch, Redd’s will continue to support the fashion industry.

“The discerning female consumers have limited alcoholic beverage choices in this [Kenyan] market and our products are positioned to address this specific consumer need,” explained Pinkie Nyandoro, Marketing Manager, Crown Beverage Limited.

Popular bloggers and Kenyan personalities were part of the corporate crowd, and together with on-ground Tweeters equipped with iPads, the entire “Redd’s Room” experience reached thousands through social media.

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