Why does food make us think about sex?

Nibbling on chocolate-covered fruits. Drizzling honey over fluffy pancakes. Salivating over juicy steaks. Sucking raw oysters with spicy Tabasco straight out of its shell.

What is it about food that makes us think about sex?

Aside from the regular explanations of exotic flavours from tropical destinations or classic savoury dishes from romantic cuisines such as Italian and Spanish coupled with wine, food simply offers one instant gratification. Regardless of how beautiful or obese, confident or shy you are; food is sensual.

This may be why some of us pass Friday nights alone, spooning artery-blocking creamy ice cream into our mouths and feast our eyes on mindless TV – Food Network.

The act of eating often conjures up thoughts of lust and possibly may quench physical cravings, but the art of cooking can also feel erotic – even primal.

Cooking is sensual

For example, when I make tomato sauce, I use peeled plum tomatoes and squish them with my hands. In almost every cookbook, publishers never hesitate to use photographs that incredibly detailed, and show beautifully manicured hands touching dough, kneading and shaping it into delicious culinary creations. Simply put, there’s an irrevocable connection with the sense of touch and food, just as you would have with your partner.

I live to eat

Everyone knows I eat quite a lot – 5 to 6 times daily to be exact. Eating is something I engage in because obviously, I need to as a human being. But, most notably, I eat for pleasure, and as much as I possibly can.


Famously known as an aphrodisiac, raw oysters have had a lot of press coverage for their other tasty purposes. But are they?

Oysters are high in iron content, and it is because of this reason that yes, they may just work out great for you. However, personally, I’ve eaten more than 30 shucked oysters in one sitting in an incredibly ambient al fresco dining establishment with wind blowing in my hair, and no, it had no effect on me. I guess it depends on the individual, or maybe how hot your date was. Clearly, mine was only mediocre.

But, when you think of an oyster’s little packaging, each shell’s uniqueness, and the fact that there’s no way to eat them without getting really involved and opening them up; the whole process, if you want to relate it to sex in terms of an experience with someone – is undeniably super sexy.

Learning about a person through food

Eating is a very personal activity. You can learn a lot about someone from the way they interact with their food. How do they hold the knife? Do they chop vegetables finely or coarsely? Do they chop their fresh herbs or tear them to pieces? Do they know how to cook? Do they eat chicken wings with their fingers or with a fork?

Just some food for thought. Next time you go on a dinner date, pay attention and observe. You may just learn something new about your partner.

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