Changes Season 3 takes flight on M-Net

The third season of Kenyan drama series Changes kicked off this month, with new dramatic moments trumped up around the themes of love, marriage and family.

Launched more than two years ago, Changes is the only Kenyan drama series that is enjoying international exposure via M-Net Africa.

…In the new season, the plot revolves around a dangerous undercover investigation, involving wildlife vet Antoine Naveed who is actually an undercover agent.

His mission is to stop an organized crime syndicate called the 06 from trafficking illegal arms into Kenya. Yet he is not the only one living a double life in the apartment block of New Makao Close. His girlfriend Cindy and his neighbours all have their secrets. Behind the closed doors of Makao (Close) lie some disturbing mysteries. But those who seek the truth will also find trouble!

The show enjoys a mostly local crew and cast, including Jimmie Gathu, Pierra Makena, Derek Bbanga, Nthiga Mugambi and Uganda’s Gaetano Kagwa.

The season episodes are set to be broadcast every Monday until April next year.

“The success of Changes demonstrates again that audiences do embrace universal storylines that they can relate to. So the themes of family, home, relationships, ambition, love, fear, joy…these are things that people can identify with,” said M-Net Africa Managing Director Biola Alabi.

“M-Net is especially pleased that Changes is now in season 3. It really shows that if you invest in good TV, and stay committed to a series, you can create something audiences really enjoy. And with season 3 now on air across East Africa, Changes is our longest running drama series in the region. So we must thank our Kenyan team for all their hard work and our loyal viewers for their support.”

The series, which tells the story of a group of diverse characters living and working in Nairobi, trying hard to find their own successes, is produced for M-Net by Njoki Muhoho and Zebra Productions.

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  1. Attyeno January 7th, 2012 at 3:26 pm

    This series is a good one but whoever is responsible for the subtitles needs to get their act together. Kenyan English, directly translated from the mixture of swahili, sheng and english, is just not fit for global consumption! 

  2. Mercy Smalle March 21st, 2012 at 1:31 pm

    the series is actually one of the best. i have a problem with the subtitles. they are not exactly in the exact meaning. i don’t even want to think this is the case with other m-net productions like tinsel.


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