Novida courts Nairobi VIPs in exclusive bash

Life is tough you know. You are either a VIP or you are not. And then you are either a Nairobi VIP – or not.

Schweppes NOVIDA threw a party for Nairobi VIPs last weekend, and the message was ‘Live the Good Life’.

The movers and shakers in the corporate industry, musicians, celebrities and fashionistas were looking grand at the Piano Bar, a round room that is tastefully decorated. With the right dress code, the venue would compel you to light a cigar in place of a Sportsman.

There were rich boys and rich girls, old money and new money, mingling with famous faces and famous voices.

There was no red carpet however, but there were silver trays and champagne glasses filled with golden non-alcoholic malt liquid, also known as Novida.

“Through the party the Coca-Cola Company endeavoured to show sophistication with their newest flavours, Pineapple Breeze and Mandarin Crush,” said Grace Makosewe, PR specialist and owner of Nairobi VIP.

“I wanted to illustrate that Novida can be your sophisticated companion,” she added.

The guests occasionally got lost in the music courtesy of Dj UV, but the waiters were on hand to suggest a cocktail or two in Novida’s honour. A personal recommendation would be Jack Daniels and Mandarin Crush – very smooth.

Attendance was by RSVP only, but I hear Grace is on the lookout for more VIPs.

Some of the patrons present included: @zawadin, @itsbuddhablaze, @thejam984, @joewmuchiri, @lwalubengo, @karenmbugua, @vinieo, @ladydosh and many, many more.

(PICS by Mark Kathurima)