Men’s fashion-o-meter

Everyone has their own fashion sense. While there are those who swear only by black outfits, there are those who will only wear clothes with busting with bright colors. Different strokes for different folks right? However, it doesn’t mean that since you like a different style you are more/less fashionable than the other person…it just means that you appreciate different things. This article should help you define your style even more.

Choose the style in each category that speaks to you:

1. Which of the following shirts is your style?

2. Which of the following is your sweater choice?

3. Which set of accessories has the stuff you can never do without?

4. Which set of ties appeal to your eyes?

5. Pick your fave shirt color

6. Which of the following looks is so you?

7. Pick your set of shoes?

If you picked:

Mostly A’s
Your fashion sense says you are a metrosexual. You are not scared of experimenting with color and you know the latest fashion trends. You like being self contained at all times hence your man bag is your number one accessory. You like carrying all your gadgets with you and you always nail every look you try. Confidence in fashion is you!

Mostly B’s
You like you some comfort. Making you the fashionable laid back guy. Your shoes especially have to be the most comfortable of your ensemble. You don’t go out of your way to buy the latest trends but you will always make sure that everything you buy is of top notch quality.

Mostly C’s
You are so down to earth. You don’t have to break banks to shop for stuff. You will buy what you like keeping in mind that you have to keep with the times. You don’t even set shopping dates aside, you shop when you “bump” into it or when it comes to you. You like cool stuff and you are likely to be a “shoes guy”. Expensive doesn’t mean better to you (hence the several pairs of shoes) so often you will settle for knock-off’s but of good quality.-

Mostly D’s
Very stylish you are and a very opulent taste you have. You do pay close attention to style and detail. You are most likely to have almost designer everything…wallet, pocket squares, sun glasses. But I do give it to you when it comes to picking the best of the best and this of course is in terms of quality. Your look just says “I love myself, so why not spoil myself a bit”. Everything of yours is durable because of quality.

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