Are you on an “Emotional Rollercoaster?”

R&B and Neo-Soul songstress Vivian Green penned the hit “Emotional Rollercoaster” during a rough time with her then boyfriend. Inspired by real events, Green’s 2002 lyrics still resonates with women and men all over the World, whom are struggling on their own emotional rollercoaster.

Last night I cried, tossed and turned

Woke up with dry eyes

My mind was racing, feet were pacing

Lord, help me please tell me what I have gotten into…


I’m on an emotional rollercoaster

Loving you ain’t nothing healthy

Loving you was never good for me, for me

But I can’t get off

Yesterday I told myself I was gonna be okay

Gonna start a new day, truly happy

I was gonna take control of me

But eventually reality hit me mentally, physically, emotionally

And I opened by eyes and realized

That I was still being taken for a constant ride on your

Emotional rollercoaster….

You’ve been mulling over this decision in your head for months, should I end this relationship or not? Whether it’s simply casual dating, friends with benefits, or a full-blown ‘I-will-eventually-marry-you’ type of relationship; even if the men don’t want to admit it, we all get emotionally involved with our partners. And, where there is emotion, there will always be short-circuited rationales. Even though we know that moving on is the best thing for you and your emotional well-being, seeing through the forest is intellectually easy to do, but physically and emotionally knotty to accomplish.

You’ve come to the same decision many months ago only to find yourself believing in the fairytale potential of your relationship, and as a result, go back to Him/Her. Second-time around, you’ve gathered all your might, and with conviction tell them to “scram,” you’ve even found yourself a dashing rebound. But, yet again, you stumble and fall for them again – each time, fewer and fewer tears roll down your cheeks.

Last night was the final straw. No tears. No hiding behind foul language. No quivers in your voice. You said your peace point-blank and let it all out. One begs the question, “So, will you go back, again?”

No one can say for sure that you won’t, but it is in your interest to put your foot down. Before anyone can believe you when you say ‘No” – you have to first start believing in your own words first.

If you’re a woman, I’m sure you know that most men will always comeback. They will resurface in your spectacular life because they finally have realized what they’ve lost, they’re selfish and just want to smooth things over to make themselves feel better, and finally because they’re arrogant enough to believe that you’ll always be there.

Beautiful, smart and strong women out there, you need to rise up and take ownership. Say ‘No.’

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