BAMBOO: Coming back to Kenya!

The ever popular African Bantu aka Bamboo says he’s coming back to the motherland – Nairobi – as he and his management prepare a musical implosion with a number of locally based artists.

The Kenyan musician, who is based in the United States, says he it is not relocating permanently but will be in and out of the country more often from April 2012.

“I plan on working with some artists, producers, and companies as well as shooting a few videos. I’m also keen on shooting a short film/series,” he revealed in an interview with Capital Lifestyle.

Bamboo, who is always busy working, most recently wrote two songs for Senegalese superstar Akon’s upcoming album Stadium.

“The last bit of music I worked on are two songs which I wrote for Akon in his studio here in Atlanta as well as a mix-tape called “Therealbamboo” – you can download the music here.”

His latest EP includes a song called “Foreigner” where he says he’s lived abroad for too long and its time to go home. “Ako Kadem” on the other hand is already getting a lot of airplay on Capital FM’s evening slot Hits Not Homework.

Bamboo told Capital Lifestyle that Just A Band, Wyre, Angie (of Tatuu), Jua Kali, Abbas, and Chiwawa are some of the artists he is interested in working with, some of whom he has approached.

“I think we’ll come up with something very hot with these guys (Just A Band). I also want to work with Musyoka (producer), he’s an old friend and I love what he’s doing right now…Mandugu Digital most definitely.

The fiery rapper also mentioned Nameless, Redsan and his brother Kimya as possible collaborators in music.

“It really feels like our producers have grown and the music is getting better. I’m just hoping that the industry has improved with it,” he confessed.

The musician, real name Simon Kimani, has been working closely with Konvict records and the influence is evident in his newest tracks.

Bamboo: website, twitter, facebook.

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