Some love for nail art

Nails can tell a lot about someone. For example, by looking at one’s nails you can tell:
* A neat person from an untidy person
*A person who cares about personal hygiene from a person who doesn’t give a hoot about hygiene
*A strange person who keeps one long creepy looking nail on their pinky from a normal person with short clean nails

Manicures and pedicures are very useful and through the art known as “nail art” you can also tell:
*A person who cares about their looks from a person who takes looks to be tertiary
*A person whose fashion sense is too over the top from a classy person
*A person who is high maintenance from a person who does their own nails at home
*A bored person with plenty of time on their hands
*A person’s age
*A person who partakes in house chores from a person who doesn’t
In short your manicure especially can reveal your character.

But nails like any other part of your body need care. Especially if you have normal nails (in fact normal nails should be something worth being grateful for). There are some nails that have been eaten by bacteria and are deformed. Some are naturally black (which is kind of creepy). Therefore, the occasional manicure should be incorporated in your monthly beauty regime if you can.

Sometimes just cleaning them without applying anything is advisable to give them room to breathe. Or giving your hands a very simple “face lift” by painting your nails with a color that matches your moods.

Different people prefer take care of certain parts of their body’s more. There’s that woman who will splurge on her hair. Another one will splurge on clothes. While another on shoes and another on mani/pedi’s. Healthy nails have a healthy looking to them and when we speak using hand gestures your nails must look good.
Because to them, are important therefore must look good at all times.
Nail art experts will give you a nail art design for every occasion or based on the design you have chosen.
A style of nail art that is popular for weddings is the French manicure. See below:

Then there are those creative nail arts::

And those that you can attempt to do yourself:

Images borrowed from different nail blogs

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