Kenyan Ma3 launches Afro-pop groove!

Ma3 the band is proud of debut album ‘Beba Beba’, likening the music in it to ‘sunshine’. The description fits the bill.

There are no ‘Mikono Juu’ songs in this 11-track album, which took them more than a year to put together.

Instead the talented singer Nanjira sings tunes about ordinary living, simple love, hate and crossing the border on a road trip among other things.

She is backed up in Ma3 by Kato on guitar, Matthayo on the drums, Brian Omondi, Isaac Kimetto, Karimi on acoustic guitar and producer Tim Rimbui.

The songs are uplifting and easy to listen to, even making the complaints like those heard in Siku Moja, sound constructive.

The compilation can be classified as afro-pop, and though a few of the songs run the risk of sounding the same, it is highly recommended.

Ma3 is about two years old and apart from playing on the set of The Patricia Show, they have played at the Kinanda Festival, Spread the Love Festival and Sauti Za Busara Festival in Zanzibar.

Capital Lifestyle’s favourite tracks are Macheo and Love. Bring it!

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