Is friendship after the break advisable?

Maria loathes her ex husband. She can’t stand him at all. She can’t stand the sight of him. She can’t stand the smell of him. And she normally gets this queasy feeling in her tummy anytime she bumps into him. In her head always are thoughts of gorging his eyes out then feeding them to the dogs and doing all sorts of torturous things they do to people in the torture chambers to her ex every time she sees him.
She has refused to tell anyone why they got divorced in the first place and cites irreconcilable differences as the cause.

Maria can’t do any of what she toys with in her head. She has to be a grown up about it. She says she has to be the bigger person in order to avoid drama with “that man”-as she refers to him- at all times. So instead, she smiles a big one. When they meet, they exchange pleasantries as they both smile at each other all through. They wish each other lovely day/night/evening and say something like “nice bumping into you again” then go their separate ways because…they share two amazing children who apparently are the sole cause of them bumping into each other every once in a while.

Then there’s the famous Kimora Lee Simmons who is divorced from the father of two of her children and a business mogul Russell Simmons but still keeps his last name despite remarrying. They are friends and business partners. They share laughs together and are sometimes seen sitting together in the same events and they look happy and not like they want to bite each others heads off. It’s almost like divorcing made them better friends or something. It works for them.

It’s true that they say that it’s not over until the fat lady sings! And when she sings then it means that the opera is over and it’s time to leave the theater! If the fat lady sings at the end of a relationship then that’s the end of it! No more hanging around each other. No more connections with each other, no more sharing friends, no more nothing together… absolutely Zilch!
That is according to the likes of Maria. In fact Maria says “An ex is an ex and he can’t be anything else but an ex. He should even have and “X” sign on his entire stupid body just to show how much of an ex he is.”

There’s an exception to every rule though. Dentists say that to prevent another flu attack after you’ve had a bad flu you should throw away the toothbrush you were using during the flu attack as it still contains some of the virus from the flu. They say that a new toothbrush should be in order.
But I say, “what if the toothbrush was still new and maybe even expensive and you can disinfect it for a while and then re-use it later instead of throwing it away?”
In the same way, I think ex’s should remain friends. For old times sake. As you will always be a part of each others lives. You will always have a story of each other in your life script which unfortunately cannot be erased.
You once knew everything about each other. You know what you both look like in the morning when you wake up plus you share a part of each other and besides… you never know when you might need each other’s help one time in the future.

What do you think?

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