Keeping fit with Capoeira

Brasil. Synonymous with great football, samba and beaches almost as beautiful as the East coast of Africa.

Capoeira, Brasil’s second sport, a product of the cocktail that is Brasil, and world famous for its ability to transform your once docile body into a haven of exciting activity. So where’s it been hiding….?

Nowhere terribly exciting:

• Only major Hollywood movies (Remember Oceans 13..the acrobatic bit in white spandex?)

• Music Videos – Madonna, Beyonce, end of trustworthy content (etc)

• 1000s of gyms and dance studios across the globe

‘Capoeira works everything…imagine the burn you get from a good swim, but just on land’.

Capoeira comprises kicks that make your legs & centre more supple & flexible, acrobatic movements that work your tummy and arms to the strength and tone of an Olympic gymnast and circular motion that corrects all of the above with an Adonis/Athenaesque result.

Outside of this wicked workout, capoeira engages the core of you like no other art form.

‘All of a sudden your sense of balance & confidence get taken to a new height’ – Moses Murithi a student of capoeira balanco negro our first and only capoeira school in Nairobi.

Capoeira time is spent 50:50 on your hands and on your feet. Think you got away from cartwheels a while ago, think again. History tells us that the slaves who invented capoeira were sometimes shackled at the neck & arms and weren’t able to strike out with anything but their feet. This bred some creative attacks from compromised positions – sometimes one’s hands.

Interesting but still a little abstract? Here’s how to experience it in Nairobi:

Visit to watch / join classes @ the Kenya National theatre Tuesdays & Thursdays from 7 – 9pm at the ballet studio.

Join: Capoeira balanco negro on FB – watch clips from here & abroad – note the interesting community work with children they’re doing.

Call 0721-986873 for more info.


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