Sequins are the new bling!

So one day in the near future you are the proud holder of an invite to the hottest party in town. Venue: The VIP section of some hot new lavish hotel/restaurant.
It is a high profile party and you know you are among the lucky few to be invited to such a party. Therefore, you know you must bring it with your outfit or forever miss out on such invites. So you rack your brains thinking of what to wear and then eureka! You remember this article and then…you rest easy because you know you are sorted!

I am talking SEQUINS!

I love sequins! I love the way they look on those womanly curves. I love their shimmery effect on one’s whole outlook (even your face glows naturally when you wear sequins). I love how they are so feminine and because they are shiny they are candy to everyone’s eyes. If you can’t afford the blings…then sequins are your new bling! BUT sadly, they are not the most comfortable of clothing pieces to wear.

Sequins should not be overdone. Less is more. They used to be popular for beauty pageants (to add on flavor to the already dolled up pageant look) and disco wear but now they can be worn by anyone, anytime (depending on the piece) and to every occasion. However, we want to avoid looking like we have mirrors glued to our clothes, so during the day you can pull off a sequin top and if the sequins are too much you can throw on a plain jacket.

Sequins are used to decorate and give an outfit some intricate detail (these are also good for sunny daytime wear). Full sequin dresses are PERFECT for night wear though.

To spruce up a rather plain outfit, you can always make good use of your sequins accessories…belts, clutch bags, jacket etc.

Sequin shorts/skirts are fabulous wear for a night out or to a party. Their “sparkliness” will even help you get in the party mood.
Remember though, that if you decide to go the sequins way keep everything else very simple. If you are going to rock sequin shorts or skirts, let your top be sequins-free. If you are going to wear a sequin dress, let everything else be sequin-free (not even shoes) and you will be a winner!

Sequins can brighten up your look on a rather gloomy day. So when the weather is gloomy…pull out your sequin hot number.

PS:If you know you are going to be photographed at some party/night event, then sequins is the way to go as you will absolutely stand out in all the right ways.

Disclaimer: The images are meant to show the trend the author is trying to shed light on and not about the models. This is about fashion and not stereotypes

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