Global artists unite in 2 days on 11/11/11

The countdown is officially on as the 11Eleven Project prepares to create a global snapshot on November 11 2011. With only two days until the major event, the race is on for people around the World to register.

Currently, people in over 130 countries worldwide are set to be involved with the biggest creative project in human history , which is encouraging people everywhere to use their talents to capture a day in the life of our World.

“Worldwide, social media has created a revolution within our generation. Unfortunately, this has not always been a positive one. The 11Eleven Project signifies coming together for something beneficial to humanity – how amazing we can get the World to join as one by running a movement from Australia“ says Danielle Lauren, Creative Director of the 11Eleven Project.

The 11Eleven Project is a not-for-profit global initiative taking place on 11-11-11, a date that only occurs once every hundred years.

For 24 hours, anyone with access to a recording device will be encouraged to participate in creating a `global snapshot` by either recording a short film, taking a picture, blogging, composing a piece of music or just recording a significant sound to represent their environment.

Submitted works will be collated and transformed into a documentary, a photo book and a music album of which all the sales will be donated to various charities around the World.

Registration is now open and everyone is invited to take part. The 11Eleven Project is a chance for individuals everywhere to unit for a great cause.

Make your story count.

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