Diva! The new beauty soap in town

In a quest to ensure that everyone can afford to brag about beautiful, supple skin, Pwani (known as one of Kenya’s leading manufacturers of edible oils, fats and soaps) recently launched “DIVA SOAP”. Diva is a 2 in 1 soap meaning it’s not only a beauty soap but an anti-bacterial soap as well.
It contains glycerine that moisturizes the skin leaving it soft and smooth, as well as anti bacterial properties that kill germs and prevent body odor, the 2 in 1 soap also has high lather ability hence it is long lasting.
In an economy where consumers are seeking to cut costs, the 2 in 1 soap offers consumers double effect in one package.

This exciting new product by Pwani adds to Pwani’s growing list of products and is another quality brand in a bid to increase its profitability and further create awareness.

Pwani CEO Mr. Peter Beard said, “The Company wants to give the modern woman more than just soap. We are offering a brand that restores fresh confidence and esteem.”
He added that Diva is a high quality soap that will not only give the consumer a pleasurable bath experience but also expand the company’s soap portfolio hence profitability.

Diva soap comes in 2 variants which include sunshine fruit and milky nuts in packages of 100gms and 200gms. It has a unique design and shape handy for a refreshing bath.

Cate Nasimiyu, Peter Beard (CEO Pwani Life) and Gina Din

Peter says that Diva will seek to give all ladies an opportunity to re-discover the Diva in themselves knowing their skin radiates all the qualities of a Diva; class, independence, strength, confidence, professionalism and beauty.
He continues to say that “The launch is in line with the company’s vision to be the most efficient and profitable producer of oils , fats and soaps, adding value by innovation, respecting customers, partners and colleagues as well as the community and environment.”

Diva soap is quite affordable as its retailing at Ksh40 for the 100gms pack and Ksh75 for the 200gms pack. Go ahead; rediscover the diva in you. I have.

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