Dr. Aggarwal’s Health Tip of the Week

Blood Sugar control

Maintaining a stable blood sugar (glucose) level is important in the management of diabetes and heart disease. Sugar levels are controlled by a hormone called insulin, which is produced in the pancreas. If you have a high sugar or simple carbohydrate breakfast, this means high amounts of sugar are absorbed from your gut into your blood in a very short time. It is better to eat a breakfast with some amount of protein (almonds with your oats, an egg, nuts and seeds) because this helps provide a stable slow release of glucose into your blood stream. Naturopathic interventions also include cinnamon with your breakfast (cinnamon helps control blood sugar metabolism), chromium supplements, healthy diet and exercise. Chronic high blood sugar levels damage blood vessels and can lead to plaque formation and heart disease. Adrenal glands are also affected by unstable blood sugar control, and this can cause feelings of fatigue, mood problems and depressed immunity.

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