Save the popcorn for IMAX Kenya in 2012

Kenyans can start a countdown to experience cutting-edge visuals and mind-blowing audio of an IMAX theatre, when it makes its way to Nairobi in March, 2012.

Screen 1 at the Fox 20th Century Cinema is currently closed for renovations to accommodate the IMAX theatre, which will eventually make Kenya the third country in Africa to have the IMAX Experience, known for their massive screens and digital re-mastering.

A 7.5 metre-high screen has been imported from Canada, according to Anna Ratkinova the Executive Director of the operational management of IMAX cinema in Nairobi.

IMAX decided to put up the screen at the 20th Century Plaza because it is the only theatre hall in Nairobi that can support that size.

Great anticipation and excitement surrounds this project, as Alexei Serkov, the representative of Blue Sky World explained: “We are proud to be the first exhibitor to bring the IMAX Experience to Kenya. The addition of an IMAX theatre is symbolic of the evolution of the cinema industry in Central Africa, where the demand for a premium cinematic experience is growing.”

Ratkinova said the theatre would also be completely renovated to resemble a modern theatre.

“It’s a nice experience, we will be able to run it and it will be successful,” an excited Ratkinova told Capital Lifestyle.

On Angel Media Ltd’s agenda regarding IMAX, is the opening of two IMAX theatres in Mombasa in two years’ time and the establishment of another screen in Nairobi.

Movie-goers will however have to dock up about double the cash for the heightened movie experience, paying approximately Sh1,000 compared to the current Sh500.

According to the IMAX website, more than one billion people have watched IMAX since the opening of the first theatre in 1970.

The massive screen will also support 3D. The new theatre can be described as a “super-movie” with amazing sound and visual effects – so get ready to be impressed.

As of 30 August 2011 there were a total of 560 IMAX theatres operating in 46 countries.

These theatres initially evolved from showcasing visuals in museums and science centres but have showed a knack in the commercial sphere.


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