9 Ways in which Men please Women?

I have seen countless articles about How To Please Your Man and details on the 10 Things To Do To Keep Your Man, but I have been hard pressed to find a female version.

Does this mean that men know how to please their women and do not need tips?

There is common perception that women always compromise to ensure their relationships are fruitful and do not come to an immature end – thus the constant need for such articles. But, what about men? Are they really concerned that their relationships might be going south?

I spoke to a few men and my questions were met with a resounding YES! I found, to my surprise, that not all men are evil and many have several ways in which they compromise (apparently) to ensure that their relationships are peaceful and last for as long as possible.

Here are the nine top ways!

1. Apologies – This was the most popular compromise. Nearly all men would rather apologise to keep peace in the union. Even if they do not feel like they have done anything wrong, or if truly it is the woman’s fault, men will say sorry to ensure the women are happy and do ‘fura’ (pout) incessantly.

2. Dinner – Most men do not like spending money needlessly. Here needless has several definitions. Though they do agree that it is essential to eat food, the dinner is mainly to please the women. They do not mind taking the girls out, it just doesn’t make sense to sit and stare and talk when it could be done at home.

3. Communication – “Hi”, “I miss you” and “I wish you were here” are things that don’t need to be said everyday. Some men confess that they set an alarm to remind them to call their girlfriends during the day, even if they see each other every morning and night. To assure the women that they do care, they do the expected phone-call.

4. Truth – Men will keep the truth about how they feel from a woman to protect her. For instance, when they are scared about something or terrified even, they will hide it from the women so that their feeling of security is not compromised. They keep it in if they feel the women will not be able to handle it and would cause them to be unhappy in the union.

5. Brushing off – Men say they brush off a lot of things. For example, cheap birthday presents that are not well thought out. Double standards when it comes to making and breaking dates. Not bringing up the past, even if the woman is bringing it up against her own word.

6. Staying at home even if they are not being spoken to. According to what I have been told, this is a BIG deal.

7. Dressing Up – Men like to look good, but not all the time. So when their women insist on suits or fancy shirt and trousers to go for a concert or house party even, a number of the male species would just say yes, to keep the peace.

8. Introductions – this is in reference to family. Constant ‘insistence’ from a woman will earn her a trip to the man’s home, whether he is ready for it or not.

9. Accepting the modern woman – men want women to be women. Re: the days of old. Once in a while he would like to cook to spoil you but not everyday. Just as he learned to cook and clean so should she? He will take it in stride because he loves you, but not because he doesn’t want you to be all 18th century woman.