Safaricom Sevens teams for only 2bob?


Safaricom sevens is just around the corner, its the biggest tournament of its Kind in Kenya featuring some of the world’s biggest and most talented teams to ever play in any rugby circuit. Its time for Kenya to shine just as they did last time.

Today’s challenge involves using your Safaricom modem, handset to find out the names of the African teams featuring in the circuit. This is only open for those on the 2bob per minute data plan where you are required to name the teams and tell us how much you will use and/or number of minutes you used to google the names.

Winning entries get into the draw to win a Safaricom modem loaded up with Kshs 2,500 airtime today!!!


  • Iwarui2001

    kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, SA(emerging boks). i used 2 shillings for just under a minute!!!

  • Daniel Abilla

     Kenya,  Emerging Boks,  False Bay RFC,  Namibia, Tanzania,  Uganda,  Zambia,  Zimbabwe. It took me 5 minutes to search for these names from Safaricom Sevens 2011 website

  • Kanyorolw



    Emerging Boks

    False Bay RFC






    3 min 6 bob and one search

  • Joshua Jay Obaigwa

    i got it please give me the tickets

  • Joshua Jay Obaigwa

    1. Collins Injera – Mwamba RFC
    2. Lavin Asego – Mwamba RFC
    3. Gibson Weru – Nakuru RFC
    4. Victor Sudi – Kenya Harlequins
    5. Leon Adongo – Kenya Harlequins
    6. Humphrey Kayange – Mwamba RFC (Captain)
    7. Sidney Ashioya – Kenya Harlequins
    8. Dennis Mwanja – Kenya Commercial Bank RFC
    9. Brian Nyikuli – Impala RFC
    10. Benedict Nyambu – Nondescripts RFC
    11. Horace Otieno – Mwamba RFC
    12. Biko Adema – Nondescripts RFC

    I have used 2 minites thats 4 shillings amazing

  • Joshua Jay Obaigwa

    Kenya, South africa-  Emerging Boks, Cape town- False Bay RFC, Namibia, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe
    I have used 15 minutes thats 30 shillings…..very cheap and fast

  • Sixteen teams have confirmed their participation in this year’s tournament. These are:
    1. Kenya
    2. Auckland
    3. Belmont Shore
    … 4. Bristol 5. Emerging Boks 6. False Bay RFC 7. Grenoble 8. Les Bleu 9. Namibia 10. Samoa 11. Samurai 12. Spain 13. Tanzania 14. Uganda 15. Zambia, 16. Zimbabwe.I have utilized less than 1 minute to load to and seconds to Safaricom 7s portal to it’s new website for the info.Putting the answer down took like 3 minutes.

  • Jmthoniz

    Well, the participating teams are 16, including Kenya, Auckland, Samurai, Belmont shore, Emerging boks, Namibia, Samoa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Spain, Grenoble, Bristol, False  bay, Les bleu and not forgetting our brothers next doo Uganda and Tanzania…Safaricom site was of great help here.
    It took  me 8 minutes…

  • Njugunakim

    The African teams in the Safaricom sevens are the Kenya seven aside  team,South Africa’s Emerging boks,Namibia,Tanzania,Zambia and Zimbabwe and it took me around 1 minutes to Google it and find the answer and i was only billed kshs2 for that sporty name is no is 0711101953.

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