Justin Timberlake makes it just In Time

Justin Timberlake or JT as his friends call him has hit the ground running in his latest Thriller In Time.

In this Regency sci-fi film JT had to lower his voice so that viewers took him more seriously than they did in Friends with Benefits. His voice was a bit too high pitched in that romantic comedy, where even the super sexy Mila Kunis couldn’t make him look better.

In Time, where time is a prized possession that can even get you killed, JT sizzles alongside Amanda Seyfried.

In this era, you only live if you use your time well. Each month, you get a quota and only a particular elite really get enough to go by.

The rest have to borrow, beg or steal time to keep themselves alive.

JT plays Will Salas, who is duped into receiving CENTURIES worth of time, and then steals the daughter of the richest man in the land to keep himself and his minutes safe.

In Time opens in Nairobi this weekend at Nu Media Westgate and Star Flix Village Market.

Star Flix is the same (and only) cinema that had Conan The Barbarian and is now showing Viva Riva exclusively.

As for In Time, check out the trailer below and rate it on the comments section! To win a ticket make sure your radio doesn’t shika anything else but 98.4 Capital FM.

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