2 bob today and yesterday?

There was a time 2bob could do quite alot, from when you could get bread early in the 90s and even pay for fare.

For some it was pocket money to last a day or 2. However the years have gone by and inflation has been on the rise to a point that there are some places that don’t accept these coins let alone being able to purchase anything.

However with Safaricom 3G. Surfing has been made easier where you can surf at a flat rate of only 2bob. For only 2 bob a minute, surf the net at the comfort of your home at a flat rate, whatever you want to do from updating your social media pages, downloading complete movies and series, chat online etc, whatever yuo can think of, its open to your imagination at the comfort of your laptop and Safaricom modem at any time.

Can you think of anything that you could buy with 2bob that you cannot get today, tell us as the most creative inputs are placed into a draw to win airtime, modems and Safaricom IDEOS handsets this week

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