Actress Lizz Njagah gets engaged in Greece

Jitu Films Director Alex Konstantaras used a work trip to Greece to propose to his long-time girl and Tinsel actress Lizz Njagah.

Lizz, who has acted in several Jitu Films productions, returned to Nigeria over the weekend with a shiny new ring on her finger, and left an excited Alex back in Greece.

The couple were shooting new movie “The Return of Lazarus” in Greece, which also stars two Greek actors. The story plays like a road trip with a Kenyan touch to it.

Here’s a synopsis:

Two brothers, Lazarus (Alexandros Koch) and Kiriakos (Nelson Lucas), set for a road trip in Maronia, Northern Greece, in order to find the mythical cave of the Cyclops where King Maron used to hide his wine. According to the myth if you drink from this wine you gain eternal youth. Kiriakos wants to become young again to rejoin the Boy Scouts. Lazarus on the other hand is trying to find himself after losing his job, his house and his wife. On their journey they meet different people including King’ora (Lizz), a Kenyan woman working in a local hotel. Very soon sparks begin to fly between her and Kiriakos.

This love comedy does not depict Lizz and Alex’s real story but is riding on the success of their last film “Me, My Wife and Her Guru” which also featured Ian Mbugua and former BBA contestant Millicent Mugadi.

In the recent Kalasha Awards, the film bagged two of the nine nominations, including Best Short Film and Best Supporting Actress for Millicent.

In a further success story, three Jitu Films were screened in international festivals over the month.

“Chasing Moses” and “Haunted” were screened at the Silicon Valley African Film Festival last week while the horror movie that was banned in Kenya “OTTO, the bloodbath” was screened in Amsterdam, Holland early this month.

Editing for The Return of Lazarus is set to begin next month, and is intended to premier in Greece and Kenya early next year.

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