Marriage- It’s not for everyone

(THITU KARIBA) My best friend and I are the kind of girls you would say the family has given up on when it comes to marriage. They don’t get it, on her part they even suggest that if she won’t get married she could or should at least have a child or two ( out of wedlock). On my part, many feel that I should just get together with my baby daddy, whom I was not even with by the time my son was born 6 years ago. My other options have been to get married to a man even if he is not saved and trust God to save him later. All I hear is compromise, compromise, compromise.

What is it about marriage that people, even Christians are willing to compromise on to enter into? It goes beyond that, every time I go to church they prophesy to the congregation saying they will get married, they drum it in. Everywhere you go marriage seems to have been put on a pedal stool that is almost unhealthy. People idolize the idea of marriage and many for all the wrong reasons. The other day I was chatting with a guy online and I told him I am in no hurry to marry. I told him I am at a point in my life where I am feeling rather selfish and have NO desire to take another person’s cares and needs into consideration. I don’t want to share my bed or share my bathroom with some man at this point in my life. I don’t want some guy all up in my personal space. The other thing is that I took Jesus on as my husband and it’s been so beautiful, it’s hard imagining any other.

My best friend, was met with the most difficult choice God could ask her to make, to give up marriage to be used extensively by God who would be her husband. When she made the choice to give up marriage for him, he stepped in and became her husband, doing all the things a husband would (sex is not a factor here). The Bible clearly states that It is better for one not to be married, however if they cannot sit on their flesh then it is better to marry. God can use you extensively as a single person and fully satisfy you beyond all you can imagine. When you are single you have less commitments and responsibilities and God can do a lot more with you than he can with a married person.

Society, tradition, even the church, never seem to consider that fact that it is actually better not to marry and that God does not require everyone to marry. Marriage is not all there is to life, so relax, do not feel bad about the fact that your younger siblings are all married and you’re not. It could be that God has chosen to use you in a special way and have a special relationship with you. The fact is that not everyone will marry and not everyone has the desire for marriage and that is no sin. Do not just take your folks or even preachers word when they say you will or must marry. Go before God and find out if marriage is in his plan for your life. Some of you need to know that God will ask you never to marry, others God will require you to give up singlehood and marry, but the fact is that marriage is not for everyone and that is ok.
Enter rest!

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