What kind of love has Rihanna found?

Rihanna’s co-star in her latest video “We Found Love” can easily pass for Chris Brown’s twin brother, the one with blue eyes.

Strike one?

The intense love displayed by Rihanna and her co-star that involves careless sex, heated arguments and joint sessions of getting wildly intoxicated glorifies the so-called modern pop culture, which most teens get into and never come back.

Coming from a woman who contends to help young women; is this strike one a half? The half is simply because it’s not clear if (at the end of the video) walking out on the drug addicted boyfriend was meant to offer hope to young girls trying to do the same.

Rihanna has been churning out hit song after hit song and We Found Love definitely has the makings of one. Her videos though leave a lot to be desired. That’s what the strikes are about; could Rihanna be going through something?

Going by her videos, since her lyrics never reveal much, Rihanna would seem to like having crazy sex, drugs and media attention, among several other bad things.

Could her self professed bad girl image be stretching the boundaries a bit too taut?

Check out the video and tell us what you think.

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