BBA Stars in Kenya for anti-jigger charity event


The Big Brother Africa stars (2011) will once again share the same space as they are set to arrive in Kenya today to participate in a series of charity activities jointly organized by the Ahadi Kenya Trust and leading electronics company Samsung.

 The group of 15 participants will be in Kenya for the next five days where they will join staff from Ahadi Trust Kenya and Samsung in an anti-jigger campaign in Kiandutu in Thika on Saturday.

“Samsung is committed to improving the lives of young people in Kenya and the whole of Africa, and we are proud to be associated with the ant-jigger campaign pioneered by Ahadi Kenya trust,” said Tessa Caleb, Corporate Social Responsibility Lead for East Africa

Ms Caleb said the visit by the Big Brother contestants to Kenya was meant to shine light on the critical jigger menace affecting many children and youth in Kenya and in Africa.  

The stars will also pay a courtesy call on Prime Minister Raila Odinga to discuss issues affecting young people in the continent and accompanied by Samsung staff, the team will head to Thika for the anti-jigger charity event.  

The Big Brother Africa stars tour of the country will not be complete without an all stars party that will be hosted by Ahadi Trust.


  • Sangabenard

    What a shame when thousands were dying of hunger we never had of them, now comming to remove jiggers! what a shame that African youths or ‘role models’ as they call themselves are seeking fame out of such a stupid initiative. Anti-jigger campaign is an NGO whose pure aim is to seek publicity and money from donors by parading ten or so pple with jiggers. Kwani there are millions of Kenyans without jiggers who can do that job, should they go for those celebs?

  • ecstacy

    @Sangabenard sometimes it is better to say nothing. What +ve difference have YOU brought to another Kenyan’s life?  Ahadi Kenya Trust keep up the good work. Don’t be discouraged by armchair critics who’ve never even run a kiosk.

  • Yuyubenson3

    @sangabenard man Kenya is really infested. Ever gone to Kiandutu in central Kenya? Any help will do!

  • Sk

    makende nyinyi 

  • Annvalle

    jiggers are the least of our worries in Africa and Kenya in general. Raila can direct these people to Kibera to see mud walled sewage drains called schools. He can also direct them to luo Nyanza where infant mortality rates are still very high. This is nothing but another useless NGO syphoning western dollars. These so called celebrities could not even qualify to wash toilets in the same western countries.

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