Whats the number one site that gets in your head when you pick up your phone? Besides Facebook and Twitter, which other site do you go on to. Rachael whose on the 5mb data plan per day for 5 bob has Twitter as her number one site. Seh also got connected to her gmail. but other site’s she goes on to include bossip, urban dictionary and even Capital Mobile. What sites do you go to on your phone.

Give us your feedback and get into the draw to win Safaricom airtime, modems and Safaricom Ideos handsets

Remember you can get the 10 MB daily plan for only 8bob or the 25 MB plan for kshs 20 per day


  • Twitter is my pick. I use the 25MB data plan. My phone hogs on data plus I visit many links shared on twitter for a broader read.

  • Twitter is number one on my list 🙂
    the others are   Google , Capital Mobile  and waptrick 🙂
    i use the 25MB data plan

  • James Karongo

    Twitter is my number One site Followed by facebook then GMail and finally Facebook. Once in a while I check Live Scores. I used the 25MB Data Plan. I sleep very late surfing using my phone.

  • Diana

    Facebook, Twitter, Hotmail, Yahoomail and my school website

  • Samsonkipsang

    am 25MB USER.am a twitter addict and i dont miss a day without checking safaricoms products on their web.i like facebook too

  • Facebook, G mail, Twitter, Yahoo, Linkedin

  • Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo,Twitter

  • MANUTD.com

  • Jeff

    Aimini, LinkedIn and Ovi

  • My gamma, linkedin,waptrick,capitalmobile,brightermonday not mentioning fbck and twitter

  • Twitter, Facebook and at times Capital Mobile

  • Gabriel Kuriah

    gmail, yahoomail, ovi, twitter, facebook, 
    Capital, google, Microsoft,
    ihub, android


  • Espn soccernet, capital mobile, twitter, facebook repectively

  • Apart from Twitter and Facebook I log into gmail, Nation Newspaper, The Standard and Capital for all my day’s news

  • Paulkilimo

    chess.com/mobile, I play chess during all my free time

  • Kimeli daniel yego
  • Kiharajon

    walalahoi, crazy nairobian, wanjohidaily, muchatha,blogspot.com, thethikaroadblog,mediamadness,capital mobile,

  • KookyAfrikanGal

    Mine is Blogger…i love blogosphere!!! No. 2 is yahoo where i go to get all the world news!

  • Dennis Mwaniki

    my favourite must be waptrick, to get the top music downloads; then The standard Online

  • Timkagiri

    for the latest phone reviews and updates

  • Gichenje

    usccb daily readings, the catholic thing and twitter (of course)

  • Samsonkipsang

    crazynairobian,safaricom.co.ke,capital.thanx 4 safcom

  • PittsPeter

    I’m in luv with the facebook application & my good old faithful Opera mini. I just can’t imagine what it used to be like in the pre-facebook and twitter era’s. My mom is always complaining that I just spend too much time thumbing my phone and I always tell her it costs me next to nothing communicating with my buddies on-line. The 5mb data plan per day is just the winner.

  • Njugunakim

    I just love to check out biographies.com,safaricom.com and famousinventions.com and one thing that these sites provide me with is inspiring stories of Great minds that have walked the face of the Earth.I also like to check out facebook.com which enables me to interact and socialise with different minds and exchange ideas with them on different levels
    .My name is David Kimani.my no is 0711101953.

  • Goal.com. Thats a bookmark on my phone. Can’t get my mind off sports

  • BBC mobile & The Guardian mobile. Always up-to-the-minute updated!

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