Dressing for a church service

Church! That place where everything is holy and should be respected and where there are So many don’ts …don’t chew, don’t walk recklessly, don’t come hangover, don’t whisper to your friend when the service is in session and definitely don’t come dressed like a “hood rat”. I know of so many people who would rather sleep in on Sundays than go to church because they don’t have anything decent to wear…and I salute them for that.

Church doesn’t have to be  on  Sundays only, it can be Saturday or any day (in the case of  a requiem mass).  Just because the church is a holy place, it doesn’t mean you throw on a bad t-shirt and a bad skirt or a tasteless dress. While men have it so easy, women have to try a bit harder.

While sorting out your outfits for the week, make Sunday one of those days of the week to dress up for. Pick out your outfit carefully and pay keen attention to what you will wear. It is important.

Make church day a day when you have a date with your creator and wear something presentable and while being presentable you can be chic too and this is how you do it:

You never know what could happen, you could be put on the spotlight to say something anytime. You better be looking presentable for this.  Hence the sheath dress …you can never go fashionably wrong with one. Ask Michelle Obama. They are classy with the perfect fabric. They fit well plus they are so feminine. They are also so decent and show off just the right amount of arm. If you asked me, sheath dresses anytime.

Wrap dresses – These are also very feminine and make you look classy without trying too hard. They hug your body perfectly. Add a belt where necessary to give your dress some oomph.

Cardigans- For those who prefer to go to church very early. There are churches that too big hence it can get very cold. When in doubt as to whether you are showing too much arm, you could always add on a sweater cardigan. They are light and are normally worn to keep off light wind. They add style to your outfit making them a good choice for church.

There are churches that are too tiny hence making them a bit stuffy. In this case, you may need something sleeveless.

Also, there’s no doubt that Sundays are chilled out days, usually filled with sunshine hence most of the time we make other plans after church like visiting friends or family, going for brunch or going for ice cream dates…If that’s how your Sundays are then you may want to kill two birds with one stone. Wear a girly sundress. Those cardigans will come in handy here as well, to tone down your look. You can take it off after church and head on to your Sunday rendezvous.

Skirts are very feminine and always very acceptable. A-line skirts suit the church look very accurately. Just make sure the skirt is knee length or longer depending on your taste and preference and it shouldn’t be too tight.

At no point should your cleavage show. So wear a decent top or jacket. Colorful tops are mandatory as you want to look bright for a beautiful day. Don’t wear anything too tight. Be as comfortable as possible. You can accessorize too.

Your shoes should be kept simple. The more comfy they are the better. You don’t want to wear sky high heels that make you look awkward as you walk into church. Wedges are a good choice. Don’t wear noisy shoes …You don’t want to go clickety-clack all over church anytime you walk around (especially if you are a Catholic).

In a nutshell, when it comes to church anything out of place will earn you a couple of stares. Like when you whisper too loudly, or chew gum or dress inappropriately. With these tips you will definitely get stared at …for all the right reasons though. You will get some hallelujahs as everyone appreciates one of God’s creations. Enjoy dressing up every Sunday.

One last thing: Carry a small purse. Not an oversize handbag that you use daily…remember, there’s limited space in church for your handbag.

Images borrowed from the internet and from http://girlwithcurves.tumblr.com/

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  1. Andalyarebecca October 18th, 2011 at 12:07 pm

    that is nice

  2. Dona October 19th, 2011 at 1:56 pm

    It is a shame i am one of the “sleep in” cos i got nothing to wear but hey, i know better and i need to up my self 🙂

  3. Josephine Mumbi October 23rd, 2011 at 4:11 pm

    I love this

  4. Akinyi Viv November 9th, 2011 at 8:55 am

    Lovely! the sheath dresses are so adorable…problem is where to shop for them 🙁


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