Data Plan making mobile internet affordable

Meet Rachael, a second year student at Nairobi University. She’s ever online on her phone. She likes to check and post updates a few times a day on Facebook, Twitter and also send and receive emails on her phone.

What Sharon loves most is keeping up with trending topics such as #MajibuZaMakanga #Ujinga Ni etc. Since Rachael is always on her phone, she found the best way to keep in touch, she’s on the Kshs 20 for 25MB data plan thanks to Safaricom. For only 20bob she’s in touch all day on her phone for Facebook, Twitter and even her gmail and on days she’s not too busy, she’s on the 5MB for Kshs 5.

Which one would you use under the plan. Choose from Kshs 5 for 5MB bundle, Kshs 8 for 10MB and Kshs 20 for 25MB

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