How to dress those lovely curves


Curves on a woman are worth celebrating. I mean, without curves there would be absolutely no difference between us and our male counterparts. Some girls are curvier than others and the curves differ. There are curvy girls who are top heavy, those that are bottom heavy and those that are evenly curvy.

There are curvy girls who constantly complain that since they are too curvy, they can never find anything stylish to wear and they use that as an excuse to wear things that resemble tents everyday making them look shapeless and boring. If you are blessed with curves, you should know that it is so much fun to dress them so make good use of them! Carry yourself like curves are the new oxygen…show them off and be stylish while you are at it.

If you have ample lady curves and wondering how you can look fierce showing them off then this post is for you.

When it comes to dressing your curves…

Choose the right clothes with curves-friendly fabrics. Sheath dresses give the body a lovely contour without getting into detail with the “dimples” on the body.

Black is a must! We all know that black is slimming, black is timeless, black is epic! And it tones down appearances… (it will help minimize the appearance of those dimples that we hate. Investing in a couple of black pieces especially leggings and jeans will always take you a long way.

Dresses should feature prominently in your wardrobe and especially A-line dresses that make you look shapely. Wrap dresses also give your figure a huge boost. Monotone maxi dresses are also a wardrobe must-have as they give just the right amount of preview of your womanly figure.

Belts and your outfits should be inseparable- Always belt up to give you the perfect silhouette and an elongated frame. Belts not only define the waistline but give your outfit a different look. Don’t wear tight, plain dresses as they will make you look shapeless… (Check out Queen Latifah in pink below).

Either get a dress that has a defined waist line or always wear a belt.

Wear stylish, flattering tops. Remember you can’t always hide in black. Wear colorful tops that help bring out life in you. However, let the tops be loose fitting at the waist and you can give the very plain ones some action by adding a belt.

Short curvy women tend to look even curvier because of lack of height. Make heels your friend! Get used to them as they will not only make your legs look elongated, they make your body look great and help give you a sexy feminine posture.

Skirts and curves go hand in hand as curves are needed to fill a skirt. Choosing the right skirt for your shape will boost your sex appeal. Skirts will naturally cinch your waist hence give your lovely lady curves a proper form.

If you are well endowed on the chest area you may want to take attention away from that area by wearing darker tops and if you are blessed in the derriere area then avoid white pants as they will just make you look heavier.

If you opt to wear something extra fitting then black is the safest option.

Accessorize appropriately and remember to wear every look with confidence and you will feel like a million green bucks!

Finally, make dressing yourself fun. Buy that boring item, be it a dress, skirt…and spruce it up yourself to suit your taste and curves as well 🙂

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Maureen Ojunga is the newest Health enthusiast in town. She is also a gadget freak and a lover of all things WINE! Besides being a lover of life, she enjoys writing Relationships and Sex pieces and is also an Interior design junkie.

  • Tarrainthedetails

    No african women to look up to who can dress their curves?

  • Spinmeon

    Its stupid to show us an advert of Americans in those dresses while trying to talk about AFRICAN FASHION. Shindwe tu sana!!!
    Get some life girl

    • shylo

      HAHA Spinmeon, I bet you have read the article and gotten a few ideas here and there of how to dress your curves. Curves are curves! whether African, European, American, Asian… get a life for being so shallow!!!

  • Annahka

    @212e228ac3b4a3fc5bb1649ba264ad38:disqus  and @c2f5008054aef65d8db6a279c197eb94:disqus ………from the above post pics…….there is not much difference with the African-American women from ourselves…except for their skin color( lighter than ours) so really…….i can’t seem to understand where your questions/frustrations’ coming from???!!!
    Maureen has done a fabulous job of giving ideas to our curvy sisters and i wonder what the fuss is all about……so waht if she did not post photos of local curvy women????? the post eventually did deliver a different sense of style for our local women, plus the pics are not even close to trashy…..c’mon, get over yourselves & give credit where it’s due……..
    Maureen…..great piece of post you’ve done right there!!!!!

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