French cuisine made easy at Ambiance Restaurant

Ambiance Restaurant photographed by Susan Wong

French Cuisine often conjures up images of long-standing culinary traditions, beautifully presented food, robust flavours and sometimes, culinary snobbery.

French Cuisine is anything but snobbish, and instead, it has gone to great lengths to distinguish its own school of cuisine from others.  The ongoing debate of French Cuisine being far superior than other forms have sparked criticism from other food movements – some, calling French cuisine boring, uptight and far too serious.  You be the judge.  As long as the food tastes amazing…do these words even matter?

Well, Laurent Schneider, former Executive Chef of InterContinental Nairobi and a chef who trained at the prestigious 2 Michelin Star, Marius et Janette in Paris; and his team at Ambiance Restaurant has the difficult task of breaking such stereotypes and to educate Nairobians what authentic French Cuisine is all about.

Ambiance Restaurant is situated at a very central location on East Manyani Road just off of James Gichuru Rd.  Nestled behind the tranquil setting of a spa, diners are immediately welcomed by a calming energy that will certainly ease you into your French experience.

Aside from a bit of French fusion, Ambiance offers several French traditional classics that are incredibly delicious and must-tries.  With a wide selection of wine and liqueurs, and perfectly executed fish, seafood, chicken, rabbit, foie gras, aged steaks and desserts; Ambiance is definitely a rare find in Nairobi – offering a unique and invaluable culinary experience to Nairobi’s finest foodies on a consistent basis.

Ambiance Restaurant will revolutionize the way that you think about French Cuisine!

Ambiance Restaurant photographed by Susan Wong


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Photo Credits Susan Wong ©All rights reserved.

Ambiance Restaurant photographed by Susan Wong 2011

Cassolette of snails and mushrooms “au gratin” enhanced with almonds and parsley Sh 1,350 – This is an absolutely amazing starter!  The fine Almond shaves paired perfectly with fresh parsley saturated the creamy sauce with refreshing flavours – coating every tender snail.


Ambiance Restaurant photographed by Susan Wong

Traditional French bouillabaisse served with a selection of sea fish perfumed with saffron and flamed with pastis Sh 2,050 – A rich seafood soup with lobster, scallops, prawns and the freshest of sea fish, all in one pot.  Delicious, however, personally I would prefer a dish that showcased one star and not a blend of all them.


Ambiance Restaurant photographed by Susan Wong

Rossini style fillet of beef served with pan fried foie gras perfumed with black truffle Sh 2,395 – Honestly speaking, I have never had such delicious foie gras in my life.  Perhaps, it’s because the foie gras came from an organic duck farm in Ethiopia; and together with seasoned culinary skill, the flavourful dish was as mouth-watering as the photo itself.


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