Kenya features in latest Anthony David video

“The planet is precious and we are fortunate to be a part of creation. The position of the planet in relation to the sun, making it so it is just hot enough and cold enough for us to exist… location, location, location.”

With those words burning in his mind, American musician Anthony David used his recent visit to Kenya to shoot part of the video from his latest track – Location! Location! Location!

Location is meant to celebrate the earth and its beauty and appeal to humanity to cherish nature.

“It’s also to bring awareness on how humans in one area can help humans in other areas,” he explains.

David stopped at one of the view points on the Nairobi-Mai Mahiu road to illustrate his notion, taking in the beauty of the Great Rift Valley and the warmth of the people around it.

Borrowing star power from Gramps and Peetah Morgan of Morgan Heritage and Samoan artist J Boog who were also in Kenya on a humanitarian mission, David posed for pictures at the Out of Africa picnic spot at the Lake Nakuru National Park.

With the Lake behind them and the sun’s rays pushing through the rain dulled sky, David and the Morgans were in awe of the massive Rift Valley, thought to have cradled all the remains of early man.

Location… As if to drive the point home as far as diversity goes, just metres out of the picnic location, a lone buffalo was chilling in the bushes!

Though J Boog and his manager Anu Watu really wanted to see a hyena, that was not to be. Instead however, the group did spot a pair of young male lions almost neatly hidden in an open location next to the lunch venue, Sarova Lion Hill.

David was fascinated by the birds and Peetah Morgan kept snapping away at the thieving monkeys that usually sneak into unmanned vans at the Park Entrance.

The female and male wardens clamoured for photo ops and Deputy Senior Warden Joseph Dodocha encouraged the team of musicians to come back next year for the Cycle With the Rhino event.

For David, shooting the video in Kenya encompassed the mission of the song… “It’s a magical place, and a great place to show one of the marvels of nature.”

The musicians were in Kenya almost a fortnight ago to hand over donations received for the country at charity concerts they played at previously in Dallas, Texas. They also visited schools in Kisumu to hand out food and classroom stationery to needy children.

Parting shot: Are you taking care of your location?


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  1. Alvena Hopkins October 19th, 2011 at 1:49 am

    My son is Anthony David.  I am very proud of him.  I hope I can visit Kenya with him soon.  thank you for your support of him


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