Miss World Kenya lands Oriflame deal

As Miss World Kenya 2011, Susan Anyango is finalising preparations for the global beauty pageant in London next month, she won’t have to worry about keeping those good looks in check till then.

Not to suggest that they fade, but Oriflame Cosmetics has decided to step in should she need to be in tip-top condition.

In a sponsorship deal, Susan has received a “wide range of beauty products that she needs to enhance her looks and build her confidence as she prepares for the global beauty parade”.

The sponsorship extends to the entire duration of her reign as Miss Kenya.

Oriflame East Africa CEO and Chairman, Fred Andersson, said his company had found it prudent to support the Beauty Queen because the project she has elected to champion was one of the key pillars of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility.

“Health and wellness is a critical part of our business and we are proud that Miss Anyango will champion the prevention of cancer during her reign and beyond,” said Andersson.

Andersson has always reiterated that Oriflame believes more in overall individual wellness and is a strong contender for giving back to the community.

He was personally involved in coming up with the company’s latest brochure, making it as local and as natural as possible.

Susan meanwhile is hoping to use her clout to campaign for the early detection of cancers and also for stakeholder investment in cancer detection and treatment equipment.

“My mother died of leukemia in 2005 and this is what has inspired me to focus on cancer so that in my own way, I can reduce the number of deaths resulting from preventable cancers,” she said.

The Beauty Queen observed in a past interview with Capital Lifestyle that her determination to promote awareness and early detection of cancers was solid.

Her cancer Foundation, which has been registered in Kenya, will focus on awareness creation, promoting regular check-ups and championing healthy lifestyles.

Oriflame, which was founded in 1979, made Kenya its first market on the continent outside North Africa, launching offices in Nairobi and Mombasa in December, 2008 with an investment of Sh140 million.

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