LG launches radical Pentouch TV

LG Electronics is all set to launch its new Pentouch TV in Kenya, which incorporates a PCs abilities and enhanced internet, while letting viewers control content directly on the screen using a special pen.

George Mudhune, LG’s Regional Marketing Manager says that by incorporating their Plasma Display Panel’s (PDP) cells, the Pentouch TV also offers a more sophisticated slim design at a lower price than conventional units.

“Touch displays have become the norm in phones and tablets, but remain almost unheard of in TVs. The Pentouch TV brings all the excitement of touch displays, computers and the internet to the world of TV, with functions and programs that are great fun and educational. Families, in particular, will have more than ever to enjoy on our Pentouch TV sets.”

Using the TV’s excellent suite of software, budding artists will also have the ability to draw pictures directly onto the screen and then save the files for further editing or effects manipulation, he said.

“In Pentouch mode, users can access files (such as PowerPoint presentations) and any other content from their PC, and work on them, edit them or move them around the screen with the greatest of ease. The TV supports simultaneous two-pen use, and pen batteries can be recharged through USB ports on the back of the TV unit.”

If the PC is connected to a printer, users can print their Pentouch creations, too. More complex software features include Gallery, which comes with a built-in slide show feature, Family Calendar and Digital Photo Frame, which lets users embellish their work with the frame of their choice.

The Pentouch TV will be launched in Africa before the end of the year although it has made its entry into the Middle East this month.

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