Sarova Stanley is ‘Kenya’s Leading Hotel’


For the second year running, Sarova Stanley has brought home two most coveted awards in travel and tourism industry. Sarova Stanley was recognized as Kenya’s Leading Hotel at The 18th World Travel Awards andKenya’s Luxury Business Hotel at The 2011 World Luxury Hotel Awards.

World Travel Awards is arguably the most prestigious, comprehensive and sought after awards for the global travel and tourism industry.  The Awards are recognized and respected worldwide as the definitive hallmark of excellence.

Congrats to Sarova Stanley from the Capital Lifestyle team!


  • Caroline Omondi

    I am not sure it is a good one after I once went there for an interview only to meet a young lady in glasses (abit dark and slim) and she has no ideas on how to treat interviewees..She is very rude and talks unprofessionally. She thinks one is desperate to look for a big job as that one they were offering? Definitely if you are going for such a job you are most likely working in a big position in a big organization also. You ask her questions and she replies either rudely or has no idea of her own organization. Next time do not send such people to do interviews for you. Just let the big people do the interviews.

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