Kampala coach: Domestic tourism simplified


Regional public service bus company, Kampala coach recently announced a strategic partnership with Narok County Council and Africa Eco Safaris to launch an East African domestic tourism campaign with an aim of taking a further step in promoting the region’s integration process, with hopes to include ministries of tourism for Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda together with Kenya tourism board and EALA as part of its business growth. The recently launched campaign is dubbed “2011 Know your EA Community”.

Kampala Coach is a passenger, courier, parcel delivery and transport company and is “truly East African”. With a fleet in excess of 60 luxury coaches spread across 44 regional offices, the company ferries approximately over 700,000 passengers a year. Currently, it operates within Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, South Sudan, Burundi, DRC, Tanzania and hopes to extend its route to Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa very soon.

Affordable pricing of packages is key in unlocking the region’s tourism potential through increased clients is what they are going by. And as part of their strategy, Kampala coach choice of routes will be designed to be scenic with maximum effect while on transit to game parks, reserves, beaches and other sites. For the first time, Kampala coach have made transport arrangements and ticket packages for the Africa cup of Nation’s Group J qualifier (Harambee Stars vs Uganda Cranes) to be held in Kampala  next week.

‘Our strategic partners will help in endorsing this product and give us price concessions to boost regional tourism  at more affordable costs”, said Rob Nursten, Kampala coach regional general manager.

The initial campaign targets Masai Mara, Tsavo East and Mombasa with future plans for most regional parks currently frequented by international tourists. The campaign targets to net over 500 East Africans each month.

Just to give a taste of some of what is to come with Kampala coach’s latest campaign a couple of journalists both from Kenya and Uganda were treated to a full board trip to the Masai Mara.  The Olabai eco campsite to be precise which was quite an experience on its own.

The campsite that is deep into the Masai Mara offers a great deal of fun activities including game drives and camping at affordable prices. For online bookings to visit the camp check out www.africanecosafaris.com

Check out the Mara experience below courtesy of Muthoni Njuki.




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  • Awesome job! Me love it

  • Nicholas Otieno Ondiek

    Well spoken.This should be told to the famers and they understand and exactly know who is undermining their interest.

    • lane

      You had a good point but with a bias. The small scale farmers are Kenyans and they don’t belong to the opposition government but the jubilee government .Why can’t the government try and solve the problems of its citizens unless you want to tell us that these farmers are governed by the opposition!

  • Qwani

    I usually buy Mumias sugar because I have always believed that in doing so I’m supporting my fellow countrymen who are farmers. If it is indeed true that all we are doing is keeping the farmer in perpetual poverty , it doesn’t matter which way we look at it. It is slavery pure and simple. This is “blood sugar”.

  • Cose

    …and on the sugar deal again.. who is going to benefit in the export business. milk and meat?? Kenyans? no… just a few business tycoons who went to strike business deal in exchange of the blood of the peasant sugar farmers.. i rest my case.

  • Walter Buchére

    Nice piece… 100% true but it deviates from the real issue here…. The sugar importation from uganda. How does the importation bring parity in the above matter? How is the local farmer going to benefit even 2% from the deal? U have become a political tool. This isnt about the opposition. Wish you could be pointing out the sugar cartels in Black and white

  • HolomisaBantu

    Whether from Uganda or Turkmenistan, sugar will be imported as we do not produce enough.

  • Antonina Aura

    The article represents but one side of the coin. what story does the side he has left blank tell i wonder!

  • Antonina Aura

    while the corruption and exploitation of the farmer is going on what corrective action has the famers govt of the day taken to protect him

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