• Otichillo

    It only happens in the third world. Persons with questionable character, court cases of having issued hatred speeches in broad day light can come as advisors on matters of ICC. It is really a sad day in this country.

  • Cliff Ruder

    I disagree. Hearsay evidence and admission of unauthenticated documents is often the only way to achieve justice. The finder of fact determines the validity and weight of such evidence. I’m neither for or against the ICC case against the honorable VP, but believe the rule of law should control.

  • Applejuice

    How unfait is threatening and killing of witnesses? How fair is not giving any justice to the actual victims? It seems we onky have two victims of the PEV: the man on trial. Is that fair for people who lost their loved ones?

  • Qwani

    The sooner we leave the ICC the better!!!

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